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About Us

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We believe that your health is the foundation to every other area of your life.  


When facing chronic illness, the struggle alone is enough to bring someone to their knees. Life may even start to feel like it's against you. We've been on that journey, and we're here to support you on yours.


Underdog Warriors was created for the ultimate underdog- the chronically ill. It's for the people left behind while all the others go on with their lives. It's for those who aren't seen or acknowledged for what they're going through. It's for those battling the silent battle of chronic illness. It's for those left with no help or support.


 We know what that is like. We understand that it takes great inner strength, far more than any that will be seen or acknowledged to pull ourselves out of our sickness. It's why the chronically ill are the true underdogs. Going through the journey is worth more than any olympic gold medal.

Underdog Warriors is a 501(C)(3) non-profit corporation. 


About Us

Anthony William, Medical Medium®

"That day when you can't remember what it feels like to be unwell is out there. Keep a light heart. Show yourself some compassion. And remember: you can heal"

Our Mission

We are here to provide assistance during a small part of your journey with hope that it can make a big difference for you. Our mission is to help you move forward and feel supported. 

This program is to help provide supplements, Medical Medium® books, and/or personalized support sessions for those that are truly in need-the ultimate underdog. 

Our assistance is to help you navigate the storms of life and hopefully help bring some peace. As Anthony William says, "All storms pass, everything changes, nothing stays the same, it's law."

It's what we believe and we are here to help you through those times.

Our Vision

It is to our hope that the small part we can play on someone's journey, changes their world. This journey we are all on is not always easy and at times we must work hard to make it through. 

Our vision is to see you thrive so that we might all help each other on the path.

Blessings on your journey.

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